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EZ Dabr

EZ Dabr

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CK EZ DABR Filler Feeding Tool - Designed specifically for rising TIG welding professionals and those who face challenges in feeding filler wire due to physical limitations. The EZ DABR is your perfect companion in mastering one of TIG welding's most intricate skills – feeding filler wire.

Crafted with precision and ease of use in mind, the EZ DABR empowers you to feed wire with the same finesse as seasoned TIG artists and industry professionals. This tool is equipped with a flexible guide tube that attaches seamlessly to your gloved finger, offering a hands-on experience to develop the dexterity and control needed for precise filler metal delivery into the weld puddle.

Whether you're a beginner eager to learn quickly or a professional seeking an extra hand, the EZ DABR is versatile enough to accommodate your needs. Its design allows for effortless switching between right and left-handed use, ensuring accessibility for every welder. The kit includes the filler feeder along with tips suitable for 1/16” and 3/32” filler wire sizes, providing you with the necessary tools to tackle various welding challenges.

Elevate your TIG welding skills with the CK EZ DABR Filler Feeding Tool and join the ranks of professionals who have found success and ease in one of welding's most demanding tasks. Your journey to mastery starts here!

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